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The WatsonPreserve.ning.com website is open to the public for viewing.  
Contents are posted by a group of volunteers at the preserve.

The Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve is a 501c (3) non-profit organization in Warren Texas, about 45 miles north of Beaumont and was created by the late Geraldine Watson, one of the activists who worked to create the Big Thicket National Preserve.  
The Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve has many rare and endangered species of native plants, including seven species of orchids, four of the five types of carnivorous plants native to North America, and ten species of ferns. Geraldine Watson had discovered a site that exhibited almost all of the plant communities for which the Big Thicket is famous.  She purchased it and worked to restore it to its original condition.
The preserve is open to the public at no charge and guided tours may sometimes be arranged (281-421-2469). Read more about the Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve by clicking the About tab.

Photo of Chapman's Orchid by Pauline Singleton